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Two locations in Marin County, CA. and one location New Smyrna Beach, Florida


M I L L  V A L L E Y

247 Shoreline Highway - 415-388-1852

Located in Tam Junction (where Tam Valley meets Mill Valley), this location is an easy stop off the 101 and is on the way to Muir Woods, Stinson Beach and Tennessee Valley. This is our first location and it was opened in July 2004.


S A N  R A F A E L

1408 4th Street  - 415-457-5400

Located in downtown San Rafael, this location neighbors a great variety of shops, businesses and local services. This is our second location and it was opened in April 2013.


N E W  S M Y R N A  B E A C H

105 Magnolia Street - 386-957-3597

Located just off Canal Street in the Historic district. We opened our doors in Florida in September 2021.

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