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The Retirement of Gus, our First Delivery Car

Gus is a wonderful car. We were fortunate to have Gus for many years, in fact, Gus was our very first delivery vehicle. We met Gus one day when we responded to an ad on Craigslist. A wonderful gentleman, who had owned Gus since his creation was sad to sell him but living in the city made it difficult to justify keeping him. We didn't name Gus, Gus was already named when we met him. That can't be said of ever vehicle we've purchased since. Every car following Gus was named by us.

Gus was a wonderful car and we promised his previous owner that we were giving Gus a great job and that he would be loved and cared for and used only for the purposes of making others happy and that is exactly what Gus did. Gus helped us delivery food to countless customers over the years. He has been driven through San Francisco, northern Marin and across through western Marin. He drove everyday and many different directions and each journey transported something delicious and carried our thoughtful drivers safety.

This week we were given the sad news that it's time to let Gus retire and enjoy a less demanding purpose as he is moving from him prime into his retirement years. So, we are looking into helping Gus move into his next great adventure. We will miss him and will always be grateful to him for the smiles he brought us and the utility and convenience he brought to our customers.

We 💚 Gus!!!

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